Monday, 20 June 2016

A check in and some new things in the works!

Back on January 4th 2016 I wrote this post and highlighted these goals - 

1. To finish my final 5 papers for my final year of study at VUW. I'm enrolled in a paper for summer which starts tomorrow - I'm excited and nervous to get these final 5 papers done. - I don't know what 2017 will bring - uni will be done and I'll be working!?

2. To lose weight, and this isn't a generic "I'll lose weight because it's New Years" thing, I'm serious.

3. To actually push myself creatively - writing blog posts, photographing for my Instagram, making YouTube videos? Actually doing things regularly to get my creative juices flowing.

And the usual New Years Goals:
  • have fun, 
  • keep growing my nails out, (2015 and prior every year it was hard to stop biting nails, counseling helped on this one!)
  • exploring more of the city,
  • learning new skills,
  • and learning new things.
Well, now for an update - 

1. I've just done both the exams for my first two papers and I'm waiting patiently on the results from those and my course overall.
Oh! And I talked to my course advisor who has said I only need to do 4 papers this year, so the compulsory English 201 paper, then one from English 300-399, one from English 300-329 and another Religion paper... and then I can have a double major for my BA in English Literature and Religious Studies!
And in my exams, yes there were two! I didn't have any anxiety problems, no panic attacks or fear during the exam. I kept calm and got it done. (Go me!)

2. I haven't been doing much actively towards this goal, because of having a possible Morton's Neuroma in my toes diagnosed. I'll write a longer blog post about that later.

3. I've currently got 3 weeks off between exams ending and term 2 starting, so I've signed up to THREE online courses and I hope to upskill myself by doing those. They are in -
- Fashion stylist
-Event Planner

My nails still look awesome, although no photo as the polish needs replacing, my appointment is in a week, so I'll do a post about them later too.

I haven't been exploring more of the city recently at all. I really should do it more.

As for learning - see above with the online courses.

I feel like this post is more of an update kind of one, but that's okay. Sometimes we just need to check in and see how things are going.

Until next week,
XO, Lisa.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Special Post PSA: Names and naming rights.

So for a while now I've been thinking about names and how we name the things we do.
Children, pets, vehicles, trees and plants, heck even our homes... 
Not much can escape being named by most people!

This blog's name -

My blog's name is "Lisa's Life From Wellington" the main reason that I chose this name is because my blog was originally a place I could write to my family and friends about what my life in Wellington was like... hence the name. It may not be very original but it works.
When If I move away from Wellington in the future, I may also change the name of the blog, but for now it'll stay as it is.

Vehicle names -

Strangely I didn't name my car when I had it, it was an awesome little Ford Laser from 1991. I miss that car! Loren our flatmate said recently that her car doesn't have a name either. Weird how some people name their vehicles and others just don't seem to.
Some of the cars my Dad has owned over the years have had names.

Changing names at marriage -
When we (eventually) get married I said I'd like to take Daniel's last name. The main reason for this is because I currently have a constant battle of having a dreaded Duplicate Name - there's a number of us on the Electoral Roll here in New Zealand with the same First, Middle and Surnames. Luckily we are different in our birthdates and other details (like postal addresses).
On the whole people know me as Lisa anyway, so it's rare to hear anyone call me my full name (exceptions: parents and legal things).

Baby name's too go through stages of popularity - 
With the creation of new, different and special spellings of names it is nice to see normal names also making a comeback.

Even Daniel's name hasn't lost popularity over the years, consistently staying in the top 100 boy's names year in and year out.
Mine however has not made it back onto the top 100 girl's names for the past year.

I like looking at the top 100, or Top 1,000 names lists and seeing which names will come through school next. (Lisa is at 349 on that list, while Daniel is in the top 10 at number 9.)

But if you jump back to the 1980's when Daniel and I were both born and my name pops to number number 31, and Daniel jumps to number 7.

I have realised though that I have a penchant for old names - like Mabel, Gertrude - it reminds me of the nickname I had as a child... and yeah.

Medically speaking -

In the medical sense I wish more people referred to human anatomy in correct terminology - you can't see a vagina, you see the vulva... it's not pee it's urine, it's not a pee-pee it's a penis. Just be open and honest about (correctly) naming things.

Why complicate things?

Which names are you fond of?

Wish we used more of?

Until next week -
XO Lisa.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Hello blog no I haven't forgotten about you

Two weeks ago was my last blog post ... Oops!
and to be honest I've been very, very busy the past couple of weeks! 

  • I went home for the weekend and celebrated with Daniel and his family for his Nanna's 80th birthday. 
  • Had a family dinner with our parents, siblings and grandparents all meeting up before the Engagement Party in July. 
  • Saw great Aunty Pat; and Great Uncle Buster with my Dad and Chris. 
  • Visited with my Nana a whole bunch at the Rest Home where she lives. 
  • I also booked in to see a Podiatrist for Friday this week - about my toe/foot pain, from the Morton's Neuroma. I'll be keeping updates regularly about that. 
  • I've been really busy with the final week of university for the trimester. I've got to write one more essay which is due today, and hand in the one I just finished today... 
Before preparing for exams for the next week before they start in two weeks time! 

A bookcase at my Great Uncle Buster's house.

My little brother Chris took me for a walk in Pukekura Park while Dad, Nana, great aunt Pat and great uncle Buster had tea. 

Chris in the Fernery tunnel, he's so tall he has to duck his head...

Pretty flowers all over the place - Cyclamens.

Pukekura Park main lake...

More flowers from the Greenhouses and Fernery at Pukekura Park.

Donuts from the airport when I got back to Wellington.
Hopefully when things are even more settled down I'll be able to actually blog more. I feel like something had to be neglected... 

Until next Monday!


Monday, 16 May 2016

Update for the year and the future is coming

It is insane how fast this year has flown by, it's already the middle of May and that means that I have only mere months before I'm all done with study.

Come mid November after my final two exams are done, I'm a free woman - from university life at least - entering the big wide world of full time employment. I have a few ideas up my sleeve from working for myself as an ESOL Teacher, to finding full time work in a local tutoring service or school... or heading out overseas into the ESOL role I was offered in South Korea. There's plenty of options and I'm sure more will come knocking this year.

In the meantime I have to keep studying and reading - two more novels this week, and two essays by the end of the month... before two exams in June. I really hope I have managed to learn some relaxation techniques for my exam anxiety. I just want to pass the two classes and be done with school.

Then the excitement and madness of the Engagement Party in July with our families back in New Plymouth...            Before it all starts again for the second term of uni study!

(A dated selfie at Te Papa).

Daniel just celebrated making 5 years at his job at CricHQ which is quite impressive. He started at CricHQ when we hadn't started dating yet. I've certainly never worked that amount of time in one job!

I am also considering blogging more often in 2017, like a few times each week instead of just one post per week, but Daniel suggested I find a bit more of a niche market to write to, write about and share things from. Truth be told I don't really know what my overall theme or topic is, because I just write about my life - maybe I'm a lifestyle blogger? I do like a variety of themes though - I decided against cooking as an overall topic just because I find it hard to write a lot about cooking and baking... so while I enjoy doing it I won't be writing about it... I also like interior design type things but I also like to read about what others are doing in that realm!
It's hard to nail down to one or two topics.

If anyone has help or advice about how to nail down a blog topic - I'd love to hear it.
You can contact me on facebook - here, or on twitter here or leave me a comment below!

Until next Monday,
xo Lisa.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Life, foot problems and University

This week's blog isn't as happy as normal and that's because I'm trying to view the world through rose tinted glasses after receiving some bad news last week from my doctor. As always I'm trying to see the positives and thinking this is just a test on my patience and I'm learning that while I may be down with the pain, I'm definitely not out - and it doesn't help my study so much... Got to do what I have to do though to get through.

I'd been having foot pain for about a week and I'd been complaining about it a whole bunch when Dan suggested I see my doctor and get it checked out. So I did.

There's a high likelihood I have something called a Morton's Neuroma it's a benign (non-cancerous) growth in the nerve of the toe. In my case it's in my second and third toes on my right foot.

Now I'm on a bunch of pain meds and I've been having a hard time remembering to take them every 4-6 hours because as long as I'm busy with my essay and sitting still I don't feel the pain in my foot.
More to the point it's toe pain near the ball of my foot; it feels like I have a small stone or pebble in my shoe, even in bare feet! So yeah. It's not fun.

I have my toes buddy taped together in the hopes of preventing the V sign from getting worse. It's where the nerve is pushing my toes apart so they get more of a split between them. Normally toes sit nicely side by side, mine however have decided they really don't want to be friends any more and have split into a V shape.

Today I have to call and make an appointment for an ultrasound to be done to determine (if they can spot it on the scan) if it is a Morton's Neuroma. There's also a chance it won't be seen on the screen. Sometimes, especially if they're smaller, they can't get spotted easily. Obviously I'm hoping it is big enough to be seen.

The pain may have been happening for only 10 days or so at this stage, but it's enough for me to realise just how much we use our feet and rely on things not to hurt!

Daniel was really lovely and took me shoe shopping on Saturday so I have a second pair of sneakers to wear. All of last week I had to wear my bright (neon) coral sneakers as I couldn't wear my flat black cheap (chuck taylor type) kicks.

I've also worn leggings nearly every day too as it's easier than dresses when paired with sneakers. I also have been clever and just go to uni for as long as my lectures are on, then back home on the bus, and then back up again for tutorials. I try and keep walking to a minimum to help minimise the pain. Really, really bad for my fitness levels and I think I'm getting fatter, but I have to do what I have to... Otherwise the foot pain is too severe and I can definitely feel when I've walked far the next day!

If anyone has any advice about Morton's Neuroma pain and recovery... I'd appreciate the feedback. From what I've read online the past few days - the end result will be surgery after some time. However initially it looks like shoe inserts, taping the foot and toes ... and other such measures will be used first.

If you can give me advice on how to fashion sneakers better - I'd love some help and advice.
So far I've been wearing leggings, with a long top and something like a coat or long jersey over top with sneakers on my feet.