Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Girls who wear glasses

Well since I've been wearing, and thinking about wearing, more make up I thought this post was much needed.

So I wear glasses for reading. I am forever taking them off and putting them back on. Every time I do so I end up smudging my make up on my nose from the nose pieces.

What's a lady to do?

When the glasses frames and nose pieces rub off the make up - well it's not a good look. The make up ends up splotchy and horrible - and the glasses end up messy too.
The solution?

Go online and ask google.

Make up tricks to look gorgeous in glasses

Make up tips for glasses wearers

From sites like the above I found a few tried and true things to try out.

1. Be sure to remove all make up and clean your glasses regularly.
2. Blot your make up, so there is no excess to come off (onto your glasses).
3. Wear a good powder over your make up. (A setting powder).
4. Try a tinted moisturiser or BB cream.
5. Use a make up sponge to blot off excess make up.
6. Thin layers of make up are better.
7. Just keep your glasses on, try not to take them on and off as the constant friction makes the make up come off.

Anyone else have any tried and true ways of keeping make up on the skin and off the glasses?
Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear any others...

Vacations, holidays and time out.

So last week I went home to Taranaki for a while to look after my siblings and have some time out. It was fantastic - except for the getting sick near the end of my trip. (Siblings and I ended up with horrible chesty coughs).

I was very spoiled with Birthday Gifts as it was my birthday on Monday - I'm ancient. haha. 26 finally.
I got some spending money, some make up, a new hair drier, make up brushes, jewellery, and a delicious birthday cake. Sadly Dan and I spent my birthday apart as my flight back wasn't until Tuesday evening. Thankfully even though my bag was over weight - it was only an extra $10 to have it as a checked bag. (I initially booked with carry on only).

Tomorrow we are going ten pin bowling with a bunch of friends for my birthday celebrations here.
I'm so excited; Bowling is so much fun!

Monday, September 22, 2014

September Birthdays and turning 26

Today happens to be my 26th birthday. 

Happy Birthday to Me!

Many more birthdays to come and all those well wishes....

I have always loved having a party with friends coming to celebrate & share in fun times...
 Even if it's just for one night before we're split apart again; 
due to distance, work constraints, and living arrangements!
This year is no different, I have some ideas of what I wanted to do today - and I'll update what went down on a later post. But this year I wanted to be Home for my Birthday. Mum was heading away so it was the perfect opportunity to head home for a few days and hang out with the family.

When I get back to Wellington we are going Ten Pin Bowling and having more fun times.

It doesn't feel much different now from 25 to 26, because most things don't change much - legally nothing changes. It's not like 25 when insurance got a bit cheaper, or 21 when I was officially an adult, or 18 when I could legally drink... 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thirsty Thursday: thirsty for thoughts or some kind of tipple?

"You are beautiful like a rainbow."

"Beauty isn't make up."

"I always find beauty in things that are odd & imperfect - they are much more interesting."
~ Marc Jacobs.

"Life is short, choose happiness."

"Don't call the world dirty
because you forgot to clean your glasses."

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What happens if... ?

Tomorrow I'll be writing a post about Beauty and some quotes around that, as a pre-emptive I've chosen to also cover a few of those "beauty blunders" we have among other things...

  1. Yellowed, stained, embarrassing teeth. You know the ones - where you're afraid to smile since you don't have pearly whites? Yeah those. Teeth whitening - does it damage your teeth?
  2. The hair that just won't be tamed, it can't be tamed, it's wild. Uncontrollable.
    My good friend Leah has the secret to wonderful hair and it starts with washing - or rather not washing it!
  3. What happens when we mess up common sayings?  I've noticed this more since deciding to teach English - the fact some people (myself included) can absolutely butcher the English language!  Ten common sayings you're saying all wrong.
  4.  I was on Facebook and noticed on a Facbeook group I'm in recently that someone asked "What happens if you don't bath regularly?"  Granted the person asking had a mental health reason behind their question - but from a science, health and well being point of view, what would happen if you never bathed again? Cleansing Myths what if you never bathed?
Tomorrow I have more quotes and it's the start of Thinking Thursday!!

Until tomorrow - L.