Monday, 30 November 2015


NANOWRIMO has been an amazing month. I did not actually hit the 50,000 word target, but I did manage to write a lot more words than I ever expected to do in a month.

I'll keep writing more and try and post it as a huge post - it's a really long piece though. Over twenty pages and counting. If I wrote around two-thousand words per day I would be close to the 50,000, but alas I wrote a mere thousand or so each day instead.

Here's an excerpt:

"Hello dearest reader, my name is Lisa Taylor. I was born one balmy spring day in September in the late nineteen eighties. My parents a scale technician and a housewife, had been labouring away finishing off their newly built home. They had been rushing to finish off the interior painting before my birth. But alas I came a few weeks earlier than expected at thirty six weeks. Some of this story is based on real life facts of my life. More will be made up as I go along. It is up to you dearest reader to sort fact from fiction and see how well you really know me. How well do you really know the people you meet online? In the bookshop? In the cafe every Sunday morning on Cuba Street in Wellington? On the bus every night after work? I guess this work asks these questions and more and suggests ways in which we can get to know people. To learn their quirks. To learn their traits. To actually listen and hear their story, versus what we think we hear when they speak. What is not being said, what do we read between the lines?"

I have had a lot of fun mixing up my past and future dreams and history within the literary narrative. I also spent some time on the road, with a Conference and other events going on mid-writing.

Today is Day 30 anyway, and I have a lot more to do.

I am actually taking some time off it, to allow for me to complete the Summer Shakespeare ticket sales and NZ Skeptics Journal stuff. I've just also signed onto a medical trial for Asthma, so will see how this goes. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Middle of November that means one thing!

I don't know where this year has gone, but I blink and suddenly it's the middle of November. Which means Spring has sprung, even though it's a bit chilly today. The house hunting has begun (our tenancy ends in January)... and it's another day closer to Christmas!

I was online earlier and saw that ASOS has an awesomely cute selection of things for Christmas this year:

Like Lady Pug socks,
a cupcake shower cap (which I would totally rock, just sayin')
some scented coloured pens which reminded me of the 1990's...
this Pug stress ball...look at its face; now squish it!
a quote mug "every day is an adventure"... indeed it should be.
and on the note of hot beverages: this "happiness lie within" travel mug.

Even though Christmas for us Kiwi's means BBQs on the beach and sunbathing in bikinis, playing cricket on the sand... and all things summery, for some reason I've become obsessed with the idea of Christmas Sweaters, it's a largely American tradition I think, and completely inappropriate for a Kiwi Summer Christmas.

So here's a few things I've found which bring on the Christmas Sweater vibes without bringing out the sunstroke for the already overheating folks. (wink).

This Christmas Jumper iPhone 5 case,
These Nail stickers which have various patterns relating to Christmas sweaters...

My sister Rosie recently asked me about what makes me think of Summer - I said, BBQs on the beach, sunbathing, cricket and playing on the beach, ... Just enjoying the warm weather and sunshine... But I guess another thing entirely that reminds me of summer is inflatable objects, like these inflatable Candy canes and pool toys like these: Giant Pizza slice anyone? How about an iced donut? Closer to home Glassons NZ also have Pool floats available too such as this Unicorn and this Dinosaur.

From the Warehouse I found this adorable Lotus float which is like a night light for outside, in the pool or pond?

The hair ties in this set, I am OBSESSED with. Just love them. They're a piece of wide elastic. They secure my hair super well too. It's fine and hard to tie back especially after it's freshly washed. I use one or two of these hair ties and I'm good for the day.
And honestly who doesn't like wearing temporary tattoos in the summertime too? I am loving the shimmery shiney golden and silver ones. I am so thankful they are back in fashion again!

Go check out the ASOS Christmas site here. (Their normal site is here.)
***This is not a sponsored post, all views are entirely my own.

Monday, 16 November 2015

November madness, writing 50,000 words and a Conference!

So for the month of November I have accepted the challenge of writing a grand total of 50,000 words, and in the process creating that into a novel. I've decided to write a kind of half memoir, half journal for each day of the month. The expected output is 1,667 words per day, although on the first day I only wrote 963, so I will need to write more to compensate.
Each day you can update your stats yourself.

National Novel Writing Month:  NaNoWriMo

I chose to make the title: "My Life Story in 50,000 words Lisa Taylor: a journal and memoir" as I think it accurately reflects the kind of story I want to put across. Not everything I write is the whole truth, some has been edited to allow for a flair of writing as well as to protect the privacy of those I have written about or for.
At the end of the month I will share the novel in full and may look into publishing.
It may be posted later on, in part at least, on this blog after further editing.

In a week or so it is also the NZ Skeptics Conference in Christchurch. There is still time to buy tickets if you haven't already! Jump online here for tickets and more information about speakers and accommodation.

Thankfully, we have a flatmate who will be home while we are away for a few days in Christchurch. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Social Media updates and exciting new ventures.

So, so, much has changed in the past two weeks. 
To be honest it's a bit overwhelming how much life changes; for the better. 

First of all I dusted off my camcorder and started filming a few things for my YouTube channel. You can see the latest things here; Lisa Taylor's YouTube... and on that note - started talking to more local YouTubers on Facebook - slowly gaining followers, can only hope to grow more by recording more and furthering my own skills in editing, recording etcetera.

I see a lot of the local YouTuber's seem to solely do YouTube...
I'm still happy to have Pinterest, Instagram, this blog and Facebook going on. I created a page on Facebook for the Blog and YouTube updates - I'm thinking that I should really make it include the other social media stuff too: instagram, twitter and Snap Chat too. Just literally downloaded Snap Chat again, and I'm really unsure on that app!

Outside of Social Media: I'm teaching more, I have four adult students now. They are all from South Korea which is interesting. Mostly I've taught South Korean's here and a few Chinese people too.

I'm on a break for the year from university. It's exams right now, and I was clever enough to choose a paper which was all internal. I'm waiting on my final essay's grade which should be out by the time the Summer Semester begins.

Over Summer - after Christmas (so January and February), I'll be going crazy with Summer Shakespeare where I'm the Front of House Manager** - no pressure! The team -including me- was featured in Victorious the VUW alumni magazine recently - you can see that article and photo here. Was an awesomely fun photoshoot, and new for me- normally I'm on the other side of the camera and taking videos and such, so it was nice to play Model for an afternoon!

Just have to invoke my inner Queen Bee (Beyonce too!).

In a few weeks I'll be down to the Skeptics Conference again - 
Christchurch you'd better be ready for us! 
I'll be there for a few days with Dan and the local skeptics doing the conference talks 
and recording the podcast... 
IF I remember I'll also film some stuff to upload when we get back.

Music that has me singing along:

Movies I love: 
The Minions movie (2015)
Moulin Rouge (2001)
Harry Potter - all of them (2001-2011)

Don't care that this is also from 2013: Selena's song Come and Get It 
- always makes me dance and sing along!
Also reminds me (fond memories) of working at a job I had for a few weeks when this song first came out and we played it in the store every day, super loud. 

One good thing about having a bit of time off before the craziness of Summer Shakespeare begins, means I have more time to catch up with and see friends...

So friends (yes this is me being my usual dorky, awkward self):  

It also means that YES I'm heading home to Taranaki for Christmas - see you soon New Plymouth!

**NOTE: This is the same page used every year, so in 2016 it will change to the next play for shows in February of the following year. Show dates for Love's Labours Lost are for February 2016.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Rosie came to stay Part Two

Last week I wrote about Rosie coming to stay with us for the school holidays and thought it best to keep the Te Papa exhibition stuff separate to the rest of the trip - as it felt so serious talking about the sacrifices made during the War and it just doesn't compare with every day life and humour.

Classes at University:

On Monday's and Friday's I have a RELI class up at VUW. 
Tutorial on Monday mornings and the lecture on Friday mornings. 
I love the class - it's focus is on Religions, Violence and Peacemaking. Very valid and current right now with the latest discussions in the media about violence and peace in the current war states happening in the middle east and Iraq, Iran, Syrian crisis. 

Rosie found the 2 hour lecture difficult to concentrate in. Then again her high school classes only run for around 50 minutes! (Our lectures are usually 50 minutes or up to around 100 to 110 minutes if it's a "2 hour" slot). 

During these times Rosie was lucky enough to be entertained by her tablet or writing a letter to Grandma and Granddad (that reminds me I need to send it!) 

Views over the city from Kelburn...

Bathroom selfies... 

No idea who did this to have to have this sign in the women's restrooms... 
Not cool!

Bubble Tea from Courtenay Central:
Bubble Central - Suite F9  -  (04) 384 9933

Burger Liquor:

(Below) Roti chennai for dinner one evening
- roti and this was my vegetable one.
Rosie, Dan and Thomas all had the chicken one.

Fiji Airways plane that I saw through the fence as we were leaving the airport after Rosie had departed on her flight.

Bye Rosie - waving from the gate...

Lined up waiting to leave the gate, to board to leave...

Looking for her plane when she arrived...

Oh! There it is!

When I found her when she arrived a week prior!

Hope the second week of the holidays was a good one, spent at home with the brother and parentals.
University holidays started last week for me, so I'm now on break
(have to complete one more essay and I'm all done until January when Summer school 
- and lots and lots of theatre madness starts for me!)